Sunday 3 March 2019

Hiroshima and Kintai bridge

We are staying in Hiroshima, so our first destination today was the Peace Park. It is a quiet, open space in the centre of the city with lots of monuments, ponds and a Flame of Peace.
We saw it all and then crossed the river to the Atomic Bomb Dome.

This building survived the bomb, although everyone working inside it did not, along with about 140,000 other residents of the city. It was one of about half a dozen buildings that were left partly standing, and gradually as the city was rebuilt all of the others were torn down and replaced.
This one was the last one left and the local people decided to leave it as it was as a reminder of the first ever nuclear attack.
We then moved on to the castle which was completely destroyed in 1945, but has been rebuilt.

It was an impressive place and we are hoping to find out what all the eggs are for tonight.
Then we walked on to the Shukkeien Gardens. The gardens were also completely destroyed, although one tree did survive the blast.
It was a beautiful 'strolling garden', so we happily strolled.

Next to the station, as we couldn't let a day go by without using the rail pass. The friendly lady in the booking office was very disappointed to find that we were only catching the bullet train for 13 minutes. I am sure that she wanted us to whizz over to Tokyo.
We caught the train and of course, were the only people to get off at our stop. We were suddenly in a deserted little place with not a soul in sight. We found our way to another hidden tiny station and caught a tiny train to another quiet town. We thought that we were in the middle of nowhere and walked on towards the Kintai Bridge.
Turning a corner we saw a large car park full of tour buses and cars. Obviously, no one else arrives by train. It was worth the journey though.

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