Tuesday 24 September 2019

Mini stream and flood

A bit of a worrying day today. The rain poured down for hours and then we put on our waterproofs to go over and have a look at the plot.
Water was streaming off the clay sloping fields and a mini stream was pouring straight into the back of my greenhouse.  My boots sank nearly up to my ankles as I dug a new route for the stream and almost managed to get it to flow away through the flower bed.
Once inside the whole floor was flooded and I think that it had mainly come up from below.
I spent quite a while bailing out with a pot but eventually had to concede that as fast as I bailed, the water was still coming in.
I also had to rescue my new flowering plum tree that was totally waterlogged and falling over.
I did what I could and then went back to get a coffee and wait for the streams to subside.
A couple of hours later we returned and Daz had found his water pump attachment for his power drill.
After a few false starts it was pumping the water speedily out and things got back to normal, if quite soggy.

It would be nice if its dry tomorrow.

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