Sunday 15 September 2019

Insulation and a pergola

In the last few days we have had a lovely time showing Tina and Matt, and then Darren's family around the plot. It doesn't take long, but then we can show them the whole site, the Grand Design houses and of course, Bicester Village.
Good effort by T and M on the shopping front.
We have collected some free stuff on the site from other builders who advertised their surpluses on Facebook.
We picked up a huge pile of insulation that should go in the cavity walls and is now under a blue tarpaulin until needed.

We also picked up some wood offcuts for future use.
We actually spent some money on materials for a pergola which is taking shape in the top left corner of the garden.

We still don't know when the brick layer can start so are going home for a few days tomorrow. It's frustrating because the weather is so fabulous, but we just have to have a bit of patience, which is one of my strong points. Or is it?

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