Wednesday 11 September 2019

More gardening

We are starting to run out of things to do on site, and yesterday we spent a good day helping Susan with her garden.
Today I sowed the seed for our lawn and Darren fixed the fancy tap next to the greenhouse.

We were expecting the electrician tomorrow to fix up the wiring but he texted today to say that he may not be able to make it until Monday. Call me a cynic, but I think that means that he knows there is no chance of him getting here tomorrow and is just letting us down gently.
Seeing as how we have the time, then we might as well build the pergola.  I have started to flatten the land and Daz is trying to make sense of my drawing, so we should be putting an order in for the wood tomorrow.

It's not looking at its best yet, and eventually Robert from next door will use all of the huge polystyrene blocks to for the first floor of his house.

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