Sunday 29 September 2019

Still too much water

The heavy rain is back and so is the water in the greenhouse. I was expecting it this time and we have made a plan to reduce the problem, but we have to wait for a few dry days to put the plan into action.

My mini stream is working well though and is quite attractive as it skirts the greenhouse and heads towards the edge of the garden.
There is also another little flow that appears from under the pergola and follows the line of the future wildflower meadow.

I really like it and once the house is built I am going to try to recreate it with a channel and a pump.
I also got the chance to see where all of the water came from, and there are some quite dramatic puddles behind the plot.

Eventually there will be houses on this mud and then the flooding issues will disappear. I certainly hope so.
Fortunately there are no problems at all with the house foundations and the bricklayer says that it will only be another couple of weeks before he is ready to start.

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