Monday 16 September 2019

Good mornings work

Quite a few things happened this morning. Firstly Darren got the right connection for the tap, so now we have water next to the greenhouse.
Secondly the electrician turned up and connected up a double socket inside the greenhouse.
Daz got on with the decking on the pergola and I went to the Garden Centre. I found a beautiful ornamental plum tree with dark purple leaves and apparently pink blossom in the springtime.
It was as tall as the car, but fortunately it was a bit bendy and I managed to get the pot in the foot well and the leaves across the back seat and into the boot.
Once back on site it looked quite small but it looks very happy in its new home to the left of the greenhouse.

I have also made up a very uneven brick and mortar sample to see if the colours match. We should know in a few days when we get back on the site.

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