Sunday 22 December 2019

Waterways of Oxford

We found ourselves at a loose end today so I suggested a walk around Oxford. The Internet had a nice looking nine mile hike along the canal, river Thames and the River Cherwell so well thought that we would give it a go.
It has been raining for a very long time, and the water way really high, but it all started very well.

After a couple of miles our chosen path disappeared under a temporary lake, but that just added to the fun, although we did have to turn back.

The river Thames was beautiful and we passed lots of rowing clubs,although not a single person was out on the water.

We reached the centre of Oxford and followed a very complicated route around lots of the amazing colleges, I think that this one is Christchurch.

Finally all that we needed to do was take a little footpath to the station. We padded quite a long way along a very muddy path, but eventually it turned into a stream so yet again we had to turn back.

We then followed the canal towpath and caught the train home. All we need to do now is wash the mud off our shoes.
Lovely day out and we will try it again in the summer.

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