Wednesday 4 December 2019

More deliveries

I was just about to have my breakfast when I realised that I had missed a call from the builders merchants.
In a scene that has been repeated too many times in this build, I grabbed my hat and coat, pulled on my boots and set off at a run to the site.
The lorry was outside and the lovely driver was waiting patiently for me. It was time to test the loading bay on the scaffolding.

It just reached although it was a stretch, and two pallets of blocks successfully went up. 
Trevor arrived at this point and in the time it took me to go home and eat my breakfast, he had unloaded all of them on to the scaffolding. 
I then rang and arranged for a fork lift to bring more bricks. This was a real stretch and they were left overhanging a little bit, but we unloaded them and then I rang for some more. 

The whole thing was exhausting, but the loading bay works and all of this stuff should keep Trevor busy, and quiet for a few days. 

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