Friday 25 December 2020

Christmas day walk

 It's a lovely bright but very cold Christmas day. Started the morning with a not parkrun 5k and then breakfast.

After that a short drive to Blenheim Palace for a walk around the grounds.

It was a bit of an unsteady start as the gates were closed, but we followed some people in the know down some unpromising steps and then through a couple of secret gates and we were in.

Beautiful views right from the off.

Apparently this is the finest view in England, but although good, I desagree.

We followed the path, and it got a bit wet at times.

Luckily it wasn't deep and we carried on.

We then got to a section where the path joined a river and I was seriously thinking of trying to jump it,

but my little island was very unstable so we carried on and eventually made it through.

A very nice ten kilometre walk, and back home for a zoom call and dinner later with S and P.

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