Saturday 12 December 2020

Bannisters and bonsai

 Our bannisters arrived as unfinished oak poles that Darren has to cut down to size and fit. Before that happens I had give them all four coats of oil, and this picture shows the final coat.

He has also started the fitted units in the living room, and we made a trip to Ikea to pick up some feature lights.

At the moment it is highlighting one of Darren's many drills, but it will eventually have a Damien Hurst flowery special on the wall at the back.

I have decided to take up a new hobby of bonsai making. I have watched a short youtube clip and bought some wire. Unfortunately I have very little knowledge and zero experience, but this afternoon I have butchered some of the plants in the garden.

I had a lovely time chopping up the plants, but did find out that wrapping the wire around the branches is quite difficult. I hope the plants don't feel pain, and only time will tell if they grow as I hope.

Above is the conifer experiment, and the plant on the left has been spared. The middle one is supposed to be a tree leaning over in a gale and the right hand is just cloud pruned.

This selection is a stretched acer, a bargain buy from the garden centre and another cloud pruning attempt. 

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