Sunday 27 December 2020


 Another morning run, and another afternoon walk around a world class country estate. This time it was Stowe. Our walk was around the outside of the estate and grounds because we weren't members of the National Trust.

We set off up an imposing driveway, 

and then we walked around the outside of the gardens along a muddy path. It was nice, and after a while we saw a beautiful grotto area just behind a little gate. 

We nipped around the side of the gate and carried along the way, gradually seeing more statues and buildings, and marvelling at how grand it was for the owners to just leave them along our path. 

Eventually the penny dropped and we realised that we had mistakenly got in to the grounds, and what an amazing place it was. 

We never did find the main house, but it was a lovely walk and next time we will go back and do the walk properly. 

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