Wednesday 30 December 2020

Frosty day

 Everywhere was iced over this morning, so it meant that I could go up into the field behind the houses. At the moment it is very muddy up there, but today it was all solid ice. I don't own any wellies so I have to pick my days. 

There are two newt ponds up there and what looks like a home for some sort of animal. There are pipes leading in to a mound of soil, and my guess is for hedgehogs. Nothing in sight today. 

Darren went out for a cautious run, and he is on a run streak - running every day. I think that he is on day 55, although his inspiration, Mike is on more than 3,300. Good start though. 

He has also spent the rest of the day in the kitchen and made some rather tasty wholemeal cobs, creme brulee that we haven't tried yet but he has low hopes for, and fajitas for tea.

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