Thursday 24 December 2020

Flooding on the estate

 It rained all day yesterday, but was gloriously sunny today. I went out for a walk and headed first towards the little ford near the Grand Design houses.

The ford was in full flow, and imagine my surprise to see a Mini heading straight for it. 

The car made it through, but huge clouds of smoke was coming out of the exhaust pipe, the number plate was hanging on by a thread and water was pouring out from everywhere. I found out later that the car is now in a very bad state, although looking at the photo I am not too surprised. 

Both sides of the road were flooded, and this is the view to the main train line. 

I then went to the nearby park where we used to do the Parkrun. Here is roughly the start line! 

This is the route to the finish line! 

The road to the station was closed with numerous stranded cars. 

And finally, a view of the mini stone henge in the park. 

Hopefully it will soon be back to normal. 

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