Sunday 8 August 2021

Cancelled lunch at the Bull Inn

What could be a better idea for a Sunday lunch time than a nice walk across the fields to a lovely country pub with roast beef and a pint of cider?

That was my plan today and off we went, cleverly avoiding the rain showers.

Over the stile with the word Cattle on it.

No sign of any in the first field, and then over another pretty style and a little bridge into the second field.

It's getting a bit samey now and no cows, so over the third style into another field, and then we are not sure which direction to walk. There is a big hedge down one side and an open area next to it. Darren thinks that he sees another stile in the distance so we set off towards it.

Oops, what about the running cows behind the hedge I say - 'where?' he answers. Suddenly a stampede of cows appear around the hedge and off we go, sprinting back to the last stile.

Feeling lucky to escape with all of our limbs intact we set off back home.

I said 'I think that there was about 200 cows chasing us', 'at least 1,000' replied Darren. In retrospect it was probably about 30, but we walked home and had cheese sandwiches instead.

Update, Darren is cooking Sunday roast for tea, not beef though, we are having chicken. 

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