Monday 16 August 2021


Picked up Santander Bikes and cycled along the fantastic SuperCycleHighway 3 to Canary Wharf. Darren got the lucky ticket number 22222 for his bike.

We stopped for breakfast and then had a look around. Lots of massive buildings and interesting statues, although everywhere was very quiet so maybe lots of people are still working from home.

The main reason for this trip was to see the new Crossrail station and the garden inside the building. It didn't disappoint, and was a bit like a mini Eden Project.

We then set out on a walking tour designed by Darren to take us along the Limehouse Cut, and the River Lea to the Stratford Olympic Park.

Interesting views on the journey and a surprising amount of building work still going on at the Park. All of the trees have grown a lot since our last visit and it is looking good.

Onwards on our walk and we were following the Hertford Union canal when suddenly Darren's map app told us to leave the canal towpath. Unfortunately high railings stretched out into the distance, but someone had had the same problem in the past and had bent one of the railings just enough so that we could breathe in and climb through the gap. 

Apart from that an uneventful walk home, although I did buy chocolate ice cream from the Hackney Gelato company that was advertised as 'like eating gold but softer'. 

Really not sure about that description, but it was very tasty.

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