Tuesday 10 August 2021

At the pictures

Today we had an action packed visit to Oxford. We caught the 2pm train and then set off on what we had thought was a self guided Harry Potter walking tour, but on reading it a bit more closely, all of the places were inside buildings that we couldn't access.

Instead we made our own route up, and saw loads of really good sights that we have never found before.

Firstly, a great secret top floor of the Westgate shopping centre full of bars, restaurants, a nice view and a photo opportunity.

We thought that the sign said Visitors, but it actually says Victors, which is the name of the bar, but whatever happened to the apostrophe?

Next, lots of beautiful buildings.

A walk along the river to see the punters.

Then a trip to the Oxo bar for a couple of cocktails before the main event of the day.

A trip to the cinema to see a film that hasn't even been released yet. It is called Free Guy and Darren managed to get hold of the tickets online. When we got to the Odeon a security guard took our phones off us and put them in a sealed bag that he gave back to us. 

This is so that we, and everyone else at the showing could not video it and then put it online. Surprise, surprise, I really enjoyed it, so if you get the chance then go and see it. And you don't hear that very often from me.

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