Sunday 15 August 2021

Sunday morning run

 This morning we had a lovely morning run along the Thames from the Tower of London to Big Ben, over the river and back along the opposite bank. then over Tower Bridge and back to the hotel.

In total around 11 kilometres along quiet paths and enjoying the beautiful views.

After breakfast we cycled right across from the east of London to the west to the Design Museum. We had tickets for the Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life exhibition.

She was was French and about 100 years ago she designed open plan, multi functional rooms and modern metal furniture.

This chair was very comfy, and also tipped up so it doesn't always look like a dentist's chair. She worked for many years with LeCorbusier, and other famous artists such as Picasso and Joan Miro.

Lots of information about this exhibition because it was so interesting, and most of her designs look totally up to date today.  I think that Ikea have picked up a lot of ideas from her back catalogue.

This afternoon we went to a concert at the Southbank Centre called Tubular Bells. This is a famous album by Mike Oldfield but it was a bit before our time so we didn't know most of it. However, it was a great show, and massively livened up by some fantastic acrobats performing to the music.

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