Thursday 19 August 2021

Whitechapel and sunflowers

 Two days ago we set off home from our hotel in Whitechapel.

It had taken me five days to recognise our hotel in the distance, and now we are leaving. But even as we were leaving I confidently set off in completely the wrong direction towards the river. Whitechapel used to be a very dodgy area, and although gentrified, there are definitely still some streets that are worrying. Apparently Jack the Ripper used to operate around here and there was lots of references to this including Jack the Chipper fish and chip shop, and Jack the Clipper the barbers.

We also cycled past the Blind Beggar pub where the Kray Twins used to drink, although we didn't go in.

Anyway, our route out was along Cycle Superhighway 3 again and the Limehouse Cut to Stratford.

From there we visited Darren's mum for lunch, and then home.

Fast forward to today and our trip to the sunflower field at Abingdon. I can't think of any connection between the two, except possibly a lack of sunshine at both.

What a lovely place, a huge sunflower field with a winding pathway through it, and you can pick as many as you like.

Arty photo here, with reflections of the flowers in my sunglasses.

Great photos from Darren, and we just had to pay £1 for each sunflower on the way out.

Stop press, Darren has just booked the same hotel for a couple of nights next month, so let's see if I can find the hotel again. 

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