Tuesday 3 August 2021

Abingdon circular walk

A nice day today so we zipped down the A34 in the new car to Abingdon. I know nothing about it, apart from that it is next to the Thames, and I vaguely remember someone telling me that it is a good place to visit.

We set off on a circular walk along the river and they weren't wrong. Abingdon is at the top of the map, and the route looks a bit like a fish, with the bit where we got lost and retraced our steps looking like a fin. 

Beautiful river views along the first half of the walk, including some nice locks and weirs.

The second half was not so exciting and definitely too many nettles for my bare legs.

Getting back to Abingdon the route took us through the town and it is full of beautiful ancient buildings, but we only paid for three hours in the car park, so had to hurry through them all and got back to the car with seven minutes remaining.

We will definitely be making another visit and this time exploring the town. 

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