Thursday 29 July 2021

New car on the driveway

After selling the old car and walking home, then the next day we had to walk to the train station and take three trains to Redditch, and then walk for an hour to reach the garage where we could pick up our new car.

All went well, we picked it up and Darren drove us home.

Ideally we wanted a bright orange car, but there were very few of them around, and I think that the turmeric car looks very regal.

It also fits very easily in to the garage, so it is snug and dry when we aren't using it.

Today we went on a little journey to Waterperry Gardens to enjoy the drive (mostly Darren), and to look at the plants (almost only me).

It was good, not huge so it didn't take too long to see all of it, but some nice views.

We also bought a rusty metal heron as a companion for the stork that lives next to our pond.

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