Monday 5 July 2021

Elephants in London

 Today we got on our lovely Brompton bikes and cycled to the station for a trip to London.

We arrived at Marylebone Station and cycled through the traffic and along cycle paths to our first stop.

I had read that a herd of 100 elephants were wandering through Green Park and they were absolutely beautiful.

Apparently they are made of a type of invasive grass in South East Asia and they are staying in the park for another couple of weeks before they are being separated and sold. Before you get excited about buying one,they are already all sold and the big ones cost about £30,000.

We then dropped the bikes off at our hotel and we walked along the Regents Canal which has been gentrified and modernised.

We had a quick trip around Camden Market which looked very run down although we were double the age of most of the people there so maybe it was just me, and then headed up to Primrose Hill for a panoramic view of the city.

A quick mojito cocktail in a nearby bar and then back to the hotel to catch up on the tennis.

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