Friday 23 July 2021

New turmeric coloured car

Darren has been planning this day for ages, and today we went and bought a new car. Well, new to us - it is three years old, has less than 6,000 miles on the clock and is a Volkswagen T-roc.

Top of my list of important features was a good colour, and this is an interesting one - turmeric yellow. It's always good to be able to spot your own car in the supermarket car park, and I think that we have managed to do that with all of our choices. 

We are picking the new one up next week, and our lovely existing blue and white car will be off to a new home.

This seems a good time to go on a trip down memory lane and our first car together, the amazing five litre Mustang. Also blue and white, but the similarities probably stop there. 

Then my trusty Probe that I drove until it very sadly died on Hucknall Road and I just managed to roll it down the hill where it was broken up for spare parts. 💔

Darren's Smart car that we should have kept and is a classic now. 

The nippy Ford Fiesta that had the whole of its front bumper stolen, and that we sold the next day in a big sulk. 

And who could forget our wonderful campervans. 

What a great collection. I wonder where they all are now.