Saturday 3 July 2021

Greenhouse growth

 I have made a big effort to tidy up the greenhouse, and Darren has been helping by putting up wires for my grapevine, installing a watering system for when we are away and making hooks for my new mini hobby - making macrame hanging baskets. They aren't very fancy and are made out of wool rather than rope, but they do the same job.

The watering system is set up for my tomato plants which are getting a bit too big and one is trying to escape through the top window.

I think that the watering system is dripping out the right amount of water, but we need to watch out when setting the timer, otherwise the cactus collection could take one of our fingers off. (Particularly that big spiky one at the back.) 

I have been doing a bit of propagating in the last couple of days and have hopefully got five new baby plants from this lovely big one. 

Finally, we bought a very tasteful solar sheep from the Blenheim Palace flower show last week, and one of my goldfish decided to photo bomb the shot of it this afternoon, along with a very pretty water lily flower. 

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