Sunday 13 February 2022

Stone folly

We have been working hard in the garden and the toilet at the end is our latest target.

It has been over run with ivy for many years and it is gradually working its way under the roof. It will have to come off one day, but it is a haven for the birds and potentially very attractive.

Here it is now and I am hoping that it will look like a folly. The ivy has had a hair cut, the toilet had been smashed out and removed. Unfortunately the door that I really liked was too rotten so is in the process of being replaced by Darren.

We are also slowly clearing the river bank, although the brambles are vicious and absolutely enormous.

Now that we can see the river we are finding out that the wildlife is amazing. There are swans that swim right past us and two days running now I have seen a kingfisher whizzing past. Hopefully I can get a photo soon. 

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