Sunday 16 October 2022

Bushy parkrun and burning pictures

This morning we headed to the birthplace of parkrun - Bushy park at Kingston on Thames. This was their 898th running of the event, with over 1,000 entrants. In contrast the first run had 14 friends running 5k, and another friend timing them with a stop watch. How it has grown. 

It was nothing like that today, and was a well organised machine which logged and processed everyone very efficiently.

It was a lovely morning for a run and Darren finished 141st and I was 485th. Happy to be in the top half.

After leaving our hotel we passed an interesting row of phone boxes, stacked up along a main road.

We then caught a train to Vauxhall to see a picture burning session. This is a bit difficult to explain, but the artist Damien Hurst created a huge canvas full of dots, and then chopped it in to 10,000 pieces. These were then sold and buyers had a year to decide if they wanted to keep the picture, or have it as something called an NFT. This basically means that you don't have the picture, but you have a copy of it online. Very weird idea, but apparently that is the future and I am too old to appreciate or understand it.

Anyway, more than half of the buyers chose the NFT, so all of their paper copies are being destroyed. We went along to watch this happening.

It was quite interesting and theatrical. The short lady in the middle picked up each individual picture, read out the number on the back and showed it to the spectators. She then passed it to a helper who ceremonially took it to a trendy open fire and then it was burnt.

Art - how strange it is.......

And here is me in the pharmacy themed cafe with a copy of one of the pictures on my carrier bag.

As if this wasn't exciting enough, we then went to the matinee of Tango after dark, which was totally amazing. Also a bit weird to go out at the end and back in to the sunshine. 

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