Sunday 9 October 2022

Round trip to the round hill

A beautiful hill dominates the landscape around us, with fields on its slope and a lovely tufty topknot of trees at the highest point. 

We have admired it from afar, but today we went on a walk to the top.

We set off from river level, following instructions that I found on a pub website. Obviously it was all uphill for a while and it told us to walk along a holloway.

I have never heard of this before, but it was a sunken pathway that secretly led us up to the village of North Stoke. Once there we walked past an old church and then upwards to the Lambourn Plateau.

Amazing views from the ridge and we could see Bath, Bristol and both bridges over the estuary to Wales.

To be honest the bridges were very small in the distance, and my phone doesn't have a good enough zoom, so you will just have to take my word for it.

Next we went around the side, and then across the fairway of an immaculate gold course. It was very busy and golf balls were flying in random directions. At one point we heard a surprising crash as we think one landed in the bushes just behind us.

Then we came across some interesting metal sculptures, 

and finally reached the pub whose map we were following.

As it's October we decided to order two halves each to sample more of the pubs finest.

The pub was right next door to Bath Racecourse and we had to walk across the track to pick up the next footpath, and then on to yet another viewpoint. 

Are you ever going to get to the roundhill I can hear you thinking?

Well, here it is from the back. In the Iron age a Fort was on the top and you can understand why they chose it, as there are 360 degree views for miles. 

Once we had hiked up to it, all that was left was a long charge downhill, stopping at the pub in Kelston for a very late lunch, and then back home. 

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