Wednesday 5 October 2022

Testing out the decking

After a lot of effort the decking is now finished. Phew. 

We were very lucky with our materials and reused and recycled loads of stuff. We found a super sized pallet by the side of the road that a neighbour was throwing out (we think), and that made most of the base.

Our next door neighbour had too much topsoil and I ended up barrowing about five tons round to fill up the flower beds. Then we reused sand and gravel from the greenhouse base to mix with cement to put in supporting posts. 

I also bought two trees from the bargain section at the Garden Centre, and filled the beds with seedlings from around the garden.

The only things that we actually bought was the decking boards and hundreds of screws. 

I have put together a little picture montage from the three floors of our house. Note the building work in the background. 

This is the view from garden level. 

First floor balcony level and the fish lawn is just swimming into view. 

Top floor view. Darren didn't want an oblong shaped deck, so we officially have a splatt.

But when turned upside down and viewed from an aeroplane, it looks like a bunny with a little green tail being chased by a fish.

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