Sunday 2 October 2022

New patio

So the greenhouse has gone from Bicester, and we need to decide what to do with the gap where it used to be. After the heatwaves of the summer we decide that some shade was very important.

With that in mind Darren found a triangular sail on offer online and buys two - one flouresant orange and the other grey.

It took a while to concrete in the scaffold posts that hold it up, but it covers the new area very well.

What we have to do now is to make a flat usable space underneath it. Deciding upon decking Darren sets to work building a base. 

He laid the planks down on to it and was insistent that it had to be an interesting shape. 

It took a while to decide on the shape, but Darren wanted a splat. I think that he has succeeded. He also bought a sheet of corten and got the manufacturer to slice it in two to give a back to my flower bed.

You can just see it at the back of the decking, and as it threw it down with rain yesterday, it is already starting to go rusty.

We timed it really well as our next door neighbour was trying to get rid of quite a few tons of very clayey topsoil, so we barrowed round about four tons. It was enough to get the back planted, but we still need a couple of tons to finish the side borders.

It's coming on really well and as long as the weather holds it should be finished by tomorrow night. 

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