Saturday 16 September 2023

Cheddar Gorge half marathon

 I have spent the four weeks since my last half marathon, wondering whether to drop down to the 10k race today. This is mainly because I managed to fall off my bike so I haven't done much training, but the bruises are fading and I am regaining the use of my arm, which you don't need to run anyway. 

It wasn't helped today by torrential rain on the way to the start, and then having to do a huge detour as the route that we expected to take was closed.

In the end, we found the right car park, nipped in the horrible toilets and walked in the rain towards the start. This was far further than we expected, so there was only five minutes left to get our timing chip, drop our bag off and then immediately get to the start line for the pre race instructions.

Actually this was very fortunate as I didn't have time to get cold, or to reconsider my decision. 

Off we went, straight on to a 16 per cent hill, and then uphill but less steeply for the first seven kilometres. After a few minutes a minor miracle happened as the rain stopped and I seemed to be going well. 

It was an out and back course with seven k uphill, seven k undulating and then seven k downhill. 

The run in to the line was so steep that I had to zig zag across the road to slow myself down. 

And then it was over, and we collected our massive medals. 

Darren was really pleased to finish in one hour 55 minutes, and I was amazed to get two hours 15 minutes. 

Ps, we got a normal sized medal, but then because we ran five races this year we got the super sized one too. 

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