Sunday 3 September 2023

Frome Market

I am going to start by complaining about the English language. We have a town called Frome near to us, and I thought that it was called Frome, pronounced like Rome. Our neighbours often talked about a place called Frome, but pronounced like Broom.

I was not sure, but thought that they were two different places, but in actual fact, they are actually one and the same. 

But don't let that put you off, because they have an amazing market on the first Sunday of every month, and on a sunny day the whole of Somerset was crammed into it's lovely ancient streets. 

Somehow amongst the throng we bumped into our next door neighbours, ate a very tasty vegan Japanese unpronounceable lunch and bought a metal flamingo for the garden. 

We really need to go back without all of the people, as it looked to be full of fantastic buildings. Maybe even visit the town museum, where very interestingly, the sign for it said Froome Museum. 

I knew that I was right about the spelling, and I haven't even mentioned the famous cyclist who also spelt his name as expected. 

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