Tuesday 19 September 2023

Opera at Cardiff

Darren made the plan a couple of weeks ago - a nice cycle to Bristol, train to Cardiff, matinee at the Opera House, dinner and overnight hotel, 86 kilometre cycle ride home. All of this was to take place in bright sunshine and favourable winds.

In real life, we caught the bus to Bristol, the train to Cardiff which was nice and exactly on time, but we hadn't factored in the torrential rain. 

The walk from the station to the Opera House was not exciting, and it was surprising to think that we were in the centre of a capital city. There was no one else around, but also no shops, caf├ęs or bars along the extensive waterfront. 

However, the Opera House was modern and superb. 

Once inside we had front row seats and were almost sitting on top of the orchestra.

We saw a Spanish opera called Ainadamar, which included flamenco dancing and traditional Spanish music. Right below us was a gap in the orchestra and two men appeared who tap danced and clapped in time to the music.

The opera was excellent, although I think that both of us had a little nap in the middle of it. 

The next morning the rain had turned to drizzle and I was relieved that we caught the train back to Bristol and then the bus rather than the long cycle ride.

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