Sunday 11 February 2024

Salisbury to Marwell (near Winchester)

Quick update from yesterday that I have just read in The Times. Apparently the cathedral in Salisbury has had scaffolding up for the last 38 years, and they took it down at the end of last week just so that we could get a good photo.

But on to today, and feeling refreshed we were all packed up and ready to set off, just waiting for the drizzle to stop and for Darren to mend another puncture. 

Once the weather picked up and the tyre was full of air, we rolled out of town and after a few miles we reached East Grimstead - not grim at all, and quite picturesque.

We had a nice coffee stop outside a little general store, 

and in fact, we had quite a relaxed day.

No dramas occured as we didn't have to pedal through floods, the hills were much lower and smoother and we didn't get lost or have to turn back.

Just lovely views and lots of sunshine.

Our hotel for tonight is right next door to a safari park although I haven't heard any lions roaring yet, and for some reason has a nice Easter Island themed flower bed.

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