Monday 19 February 2024

Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral is the last Cathedral in what has turned out to be a grand tour of some of the greatest Cathedrals in England.

Coventry is different though as it was destroyed in a massive German air raid in November 1940.

All that is left are the stone bones of the exterior of the building.

The tower was not damaged in the fire, but it was almost knocked down while rubble was cleared from the area. It was only saved at the last second when local people explained that it was not leaning at an angle due to bomb damage but had looked like that for at least 100 years.

After the war it was decided to preserve the remains and build a completely new building next door.

We were very lucky with our timing as the sun was shining on the building so the stained glass inside was beautifully lit 

The new Cathedral is very spacious and modern and has an enormous organ whose pipes stretch up over five stories high towards the roof.

It's all very different to the 1,000 year old Cathedrals that we visited earlier on this trip, but just as impressive.

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