Monday 12 February 2024

Marwell Hotel and Zoo

We are staying at what is supposed to be a boutique spa hotel, but is actually nothing of the kind. Think more of a slightly run down Travelodge located in the middle of nowhere.

However, our room is large and warm, although the shower is challenging and the breakfast exceptionally poor.

Anyway, it is next to a safari park and the sun is shining, so we paid a visit.

Everywhere was very green, and they had lots of zebras, deer, and horsey style animals that live in fields.

Also four very nice giraffes, and a handy full size photo on the wall so that you can measure yourself against them.

In the aviary there was lots of colourful birds, and they really liked my shoe laces, probably thinking that they were tasty pink worms.

They didn't have full size hippos, but had three pygmy ones. They were inside today and it was nice and warm in their house, but we found a life sized model for a photo.

Finally, they had three rhinos, and right next to their field was a crashed safari truck that looked like something straight out of Jurassic Park.

Fortunately we escaped unscathed.

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