Sunday 18 February 2024

Lincoln to Birmingham

Yesterday was Saturday so we were up early, and set out to walk to Yarborough parkrun. We have now officially become parkrun geeks, and are trying to do a parkrun at every letter of the alphabet apart from X, as there aren't any in the whole world beginning with it.

We are collecting a Y today, and there are only two in England, so here we are at Yarborough on the outskirts of Lincoln.

It looks deserted, but actually 220 people did the run, and lots of them were tourists like ourselves. We are only now missing a Z.

After a pleasant run and reasonably good times, we then caught a train to Nottingham to see family.

Today is Sunday and we are going with Elaine and Mark to Birmingham to see the British Indoor Athletics Championships 2024.

To make life easier for us we popped our bikes in the boot of their car and we whizzed there in about an hour.

We don't usually follow athletics very closely, but it was an excellent day out and packed full of action.

The most disappointing and surprising thing that we found out though, is that the race walkers walk really, really quickly and they are actually much faster walkers than we are runners.

Hopefully we don't like as silly as them though.

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