Friday 9 February 2024

Bath to Devizes on the Bromptons

Due to the extremely wet weather forecast we have been deliberating all week wether to go ahead with our plans for a cycle tour. However, today we decided to go for it, and timed our departure with a gap in the showers.

It all started well and then we arrived at the first of the two disused railway tunnels on the Sustrans route. We knew that it was closed due to flooding and we hoped that there would be a marked diversion.

No such luck and we had to find our own way around a mini mountain and then back on to the trainline. It took a lot of time and pedal power, but eventually we got back and then it was easy going through the much longer second tunnel.

Then it was on to a canal towpath with lots of deep puddles, which although fun at first, were very slow going, and Darren soon got a puncture.

After a speedy change we bounced along for a few miles to Bradford on Avon for coffee and giant chunks of flapjack. We also decided on a route change to get off the towpath and onto the roads for the rest of the journey.

After a few miles we passed a sign saying 'road closed', but like most of the cars around us, we ignored it and carried on.

The reason for the closure soon appeared in the distance.

The road was flooded for about 100 metres, but some cars were driving through it. Another cyclist appeared as we were wondering what to do, and he decided to cycle through it. He got safely to the other side, although his racing bike meant that his feet were much higher off the ground than ours would be.

To turn back would involve a very long detour so we set off, following the white line in the middle of the road. The big surprise was that it wasn't a massive puddle, but quite a fast flowing river.

The water came over the top of my new wellies and it was difficult to keep the handlebars facing forward, but we made it through.

I did my best to empty the water out of my boots and I guarantee that we won't do anything like this ever again!

After that it was a doddle to get to Devizes and relax.

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