Wednesday 4 January 2012

Royal Flora Ratchaphtuek

Would you believe it possible that Darren could cycle to a garden, spend all day there and love it that much that he would want to go again all day tomorrow as well? No - we must have arrived in some parallel universe!
Had the most fantastic time at this garden. It is like Chelsea but at least 30 times as big and on for three months to celebrate the kings birthday.
It cost £4 to get in, there was loads of drinks and snacks and a Ferris wheel. A lot of it has an eco theme, hence Darren driving the waterwheel on a bicycle.


  1. In my defence, it isn't overtly gardeny. Tons to look at and do though, don't understand how it passed Tripadvusor by. Ace place.

  2. So a garden with gadgets then