Sunday 15 January 2012

Where do I begin?

We got to the train station in plenty of time yesterday but was told it was running 40 minutes late - then they said an hour.
We weren't too concerned but then our Guardian Angel appeared. This was a Thai lady who we met on our last bus journey who helped us out with our tickets when no one else spoke English. She had spotted us on the platform and she was also due on our train.
She told us the train was actually much more delayed than we knew about and might not even arrive at all. She said she had got a refund for herself and was getting a tut tut to the bus station to see if there was a bus to Bangkok.
We hurriedly thanked her and copied her actions. We jumped in our own tut tut and set off after hers. Part way to the station our guy turned into Lewis Hamilton and shot past her and zoomed towards the station.
We arrived at 4.03 pm and I saw a sign saying a bus was leaving at 4.00 so I raced to the stop just as the bus was ready to go. The conductor started taking our money and loading the luggage.
I tried to look for our Guardian Angel but could not see her and I had to get on the bus as it was leaving.
We took the last two seats and as we left the station, less than five minutes after we arrived, I tried to hide behind the bus curtains in case she saw us.
Felt really, really guilty.

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