Thursday 5 January 2012

Pink and white guesthouse

I will be sorry to leave our little guesthouse in Chiang Mai. It is all painted in pretty pink and white, including the kerb stones on the street outside and the bars on the gates.
The staff are really friendly and were very helpful when it turned out Darren booked the wrong dates and we arrived a day later than expected. The normal rate is £9 per night but they only charged £4 for an extra night!
What do you get for £9 a night you may think? Well, at this hotel you get a clean room with a telly, and a bed made of plywood or something similar. Everytime you sit down on it you forget it's not a real bed and klonk down on it, which can be quite painful.
Ps we didn't go to the garden today but are looking forward to it when we return in a few days.

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