Monday 12 March 2012

Chaise longue - back to the drawing board

Have been sulking for the past few weeks about my attempts to renovate the chaise longue I bought on eBay. It initially seemed to be going well and I basically rebuilt it, with all of the original springs. However, when I sat on it to test it it was really uncomfortable - creaky and bumpy - a bad combination I think.
Anyway, I left it while I had a strop but have calmed down enough to strip it back down, and I have a new plan to rebuild it.
Can't work out how to join some new wooden cross beams to it so will have to ask for help from Daz.
Meanwhile, I have had a bit more success with a large solicitors desk, which just needs a bit of finishing off and I should be able to put it back on eBay in a day or two.
Fingers crossed somebody bids for it.

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