Wednesday 21 March 2012

Indian themed Orange Wednesday

Can't believe we are keeping going with the Orange Wednesdays, but even I am starting to get a bit enthusiastic about it.
Just got home from tonights episode, and I am thinking of going on the Broadway website to check out what we can go to see next time!
Review of this evening - went for a meal at Kayal which specialises in food from Kerala. Ordered Keralan style poppadums and the dips were totally different to the usual. I didn't realise this so loaded up a chunk of poppadum with the nearest one and it nearly took my head off. Can only describe it as being sort of similar to the lime flavoured dip that everyone leaves at a standard Indian restaurant, but made out of really sharp lemons instead. One of the others was coconut and the last one was red and green with a mystery flavour.
On to the film - Krishna - apparently based on Tess of the D'urbervilles, which fortunately we hadn't read otherwise it might have spoiled a rather shocking ending.
The scenery was superb and reminded me completely of our holiday there. So much so in fact, that todays photo is a shot of a photo of a wedding party that we took that hangs in our kitchen.

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