Friday 2 March 2012

Collecting parcels

Just missed the delivery man yesterday so had to cycle 3 and a half miles to collect them.
I had ordered a running watch, and Darren some bits for his new bike.
The smaller items went in my basket but the handlebars tried to leap out at every bump and pothole. The real killers were the wheels that came in a gigantic box. I had taken some string with the hope of tying them on the rack at the back, but no chance.
I unpacked them and now everytime I moved they clanged together worryingly.
In the end I had to walk home, balancing the bike with one hand and holding the wheels in the other, but splaying my fingers out to try to stop the wheels touching.
Got more confident on the journey and on a gently sloping downhill section, I got on the bike and rolled along, with my right arm stuck out holding the wheels. Got a lot of startled looks from the old ladies at the bus stop and when the handlebars made another bid for freedom I decided it was probably safer but slower to go back to plan A.
Got home and my right elbow is completely locked and my hand has turned into a claw, but still in one piece although I'm not sure when I'll play the piano again.

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