Saturday 14 July 2012

Saturday morning Parkrun

No rain this morning so off to do the Colwick 5k Parkrun. Very muddy course and time definitely wasted slaloming around puddles in my lovely clean, new trainers. Noticed the more serious runners just went straight through the middle of them.
Not a great time 28.06, and behind Darren by over three minutes but finished 18 out of 67 ladies.
Darren has kindly donated his old bike to me - it is identical to my fantastic flowery bike that got stolen - so I have customised it.
Before my old bike was flowery I called it Team Jamaica as I had stuck green and yellow electrical tape on it. So now I have Team Jamaica Two - just in time for the Olympics - but I have also added a small bouquet of yellow roses on the basket.
Also bought a much, much stronger lock this time.

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