Saturday 28 July 2012

Cycling to the Olympics

Caught the 1428 from Nottingham to St Pancras and got there just as our friend Dave arrived to meet us.
Set off on the bikes across central London, catching sight of St Paul's cathedral and the Shard before crossing the Thames and on to the cycling Superhighway for about 8 miles.
It was the rush hour and very macho with Lycra glad people racing along, and we all had to slalom past buses and parked cars. It was exciting but I wouldn't like to do it too often.
Then straight on to a Sustrans route through woods and along the side of rivers for a few miles
Stopped at a pub for refreshments after 20 miles and got to Horley after 32 miles.
All set to watch the opening ceremony and then we are off to sleep in a tent in a field so that we can see Bradley Wiggins in the Olympic road race tomorrow.

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