Saturday 21 July 2012

Nottingham Splendour

Walked over to Wayne Manor - otherwise known as Wollaton Park to see the Splendour Festival.
Much sunnier day so got the picnic blanket out and made ourselves at home.
Saw Hard Fi then Katy B, who had a lovely posh speaking voice and got the crowd jumping.
Wandered around both main stages and saw a local girl called Ronica. Darren got right to the front and took loads of photos, so hope that she becomes famous.
Best act were another local band who we just happened to hear on a tiny stage when we were making our home. Miss 600, I think, with a saxophonist and trumpeter. Stood right at the front and watched the whole show.
Good day out.


  1. I thought the best act was going to be Bjorn Again...

  2. Well, we missed them as we stopped for a coffee on the way, then took our time deciding where to put our blanket. Just as we sat down, they finished Dancing Queen and went home.