Friday 20 July 2012

The beach is open

Heard a load of screaming outside of our window and realised the beach wad open and people were on the rides.
Headed on over there to check it out. People are already sitting on deck chairs in the sand and the hot dog barbi was all set. Tested one and they are very good.
Next stop the cider special at Lloyds Number One.
I have to say, not all ciders are the same, also stay clear of gimmicky ones. I had blackcurrant cider and Daz had plum. Both tasted like cordial and scored very low on the ciderometer.
But you can't always trust these new rules as last weekends strawberry cider was fantastic.
Conundrum, conundrum.
Next stop Jack the Ripper - on at the Lacemarket Theatre and with one of Darren's mates from work in the cast.

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