Saturday 7 July 2012

Weird dinner and people watching

Went to a Malaysian restaurant tonight after the success of the meal at lunchtime.
For all three courses Daz's food was better than mine, and my main course was so hot it made my eyes run and was almost uneatable.
My pudding sounded nice in theory but was a luminous green colour and had a wobbly texture. I had tried something identical on our holiday last year, except that was luminous rainbow shading. I picked it up off a buffet as I was so surprised by it, but wasn't even sure it was food - I had wondered if it was an eraser or even some strange cosmetic.
That's put me off Malaysian food for a good few months anyway.
Got home and having a lovely time people watching. There are loads of stag and hen parties and they all dress in a theme. Having trouble getting good photos, but here is a hen party with a large blow up doll. (She probably thinks she's being original, but we saw another one on the way home.)

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