Friday 28 December 2012

Magnificent meal at Marcus Warings

Just blown almost a months food budget in one meal today - but fortunately we don't start budgeting until January so it didn't count!
Put on our best remaining togs and met up with Susan and Paul for a blowout lunch at the Marcus Waring restaurant in the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge.
It was very fancy and we had three courses with little extras thrown in.
We started with a tiny fried fish ball, then what looked like a boiled egg but was actually pumpkin soup with parmesan foam and crispy bits on top, followed by truffle and mushroom risotto, then halibut with polenta, then a surprise plum and gin souffle (see photo), then mascarpone, masala and coffee pudding.
Finally little chocolates arrived to try and take our minds off the bill, which was less than we expected.


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  2. Did the chocolates survive the tube journey home?

    1. They survived the journey but not breakfast this morning. Ps I tried to delete one of your comments as you put the same thing twice, but it looks now as if you said something rude that I took offence to!