Saturday 28 May 2016

Caravan Club National

We were unsure what to do for the bank holiday weekend, but then Darren heard about the Caravan Club National annual rally. It turns out that Adria are the sponsors and as we are members of the Adria Owners Club, then they kindly gave us free entry to this extravaganza.
We arrived last night, picked up our schedule for the weekend, and noticed that the first event scheduled for today was mobility scooter agility.
We watched the first competitor negotiate dozens of cones, but unfortunately it wasn't a race, so there was no wheelies or dangerous driving so we soon wandered off instead to check out the other attractions.
The falconry stall was exciting and was teamed up with a whippet racing event. The dogs were asleep very close to an aggressive vulture that was desperate to bag himself an enormous meal.
The cyclists, as you may guess, were not members of the Caravan Club, but professional stuntmen who provided the excitement that was sadly lacking from the mobility scooter event.
They were followed by a marching band who were either a few members short or they had too many instruments. Most of them managed to bang their drum with one hand whilst also playing the bugle. I think that the sound quality suffered a little as they also had concentrate on marching in complicated patterns around the parade ground.
There was so many things to see that we missed out on loads, including the Take That tribute band tonight as it was sold out.
Can't wait to see what's going on tomorrow.

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