Friday 13 May 2016

Laxey waterwheel

I have just re-read my TT blog and realised that you probably thought that we were still in Malta!
Sorry, I should have said that we left Malta last Saturday, then on Tuesday we got in our campervan and drove through the rain to Liverpool. From there we caught a ferry to Douglas on the Isle of Man, and have been exploring it since then.
Sizewise, Malta and the Isle of Man are pretty similar, and the Isle of Man is about 31miles long and 13 wide. Surprisingly, the temperature has also been similar on both islands, as Malta was unseasonally cold and Douglas rather warm.
Today we visited the Laxey Waterwheel to see the world's largest working waterwheel. She is called the Lady Isabella and is absolutely gorgeous.
She was built to extract water from the local zinc mines, although these closed in 1929. The wheel is enormous and we climbed to the top of the structure to see the beautiful views from the top.

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